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Mata, the startup suite for emerging entrepreneurs.

Everything you need to build your startup.  We are currently in beta!  Join the early access waitlist below!

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Calabasas, CA, USA
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Mata makes business easy

Streamline launching a business

Go from idea to legally compliant business while saving weeks and thousands of dollars.

On-Demand services

Book on-demand services to help your startup launch. Incl. Branding, Accounting, Marketing, Prototyping, Legal and more!


No need to look for a job anymore if you are a freelancer. Auto-match with entrepreneurs needing your services right now.

Track Progress

Track work done for each service. Be transparent on your work progress.


Join the startup world

Launching a business is now easier than ever. Mata gives you the tools to launch your product.

Build a Business with Guidance

Spend more time doing, our pre-defined service packages help you get to your success faster.