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Business colleagues talk about how to form a C-Corporation.

Form a C-Corporation Without Ruining Your Work-Life Balance

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Reasons to Form a C-Corporation

As a business owner, you’re a visionary. And, you’re no stranger to challenges. Yet, the complexity involved in setting up a business gives you pause. More than anyone else, you understand the perils of building from the ground up. Investor concerns, legal roadblocks, shareholder demands, innovation by competitors: these take up the majority of your waking hours. And, that can have a serious impact on your work/life balance. Perhaps, you’ve considered operating as a DBA. However, this can put you at risk. If your business is sued, you’ll be held liable for any expenses. If you form a C-Corporation, it limits your personal liability for business debts and lawsuits.

In a C-Corporation, shareholders and business owners are taxed separately from the business. And, if something goes wrong, you’re only responsible for the extent of your personal investment.

We Provide Everything You Need to Form a C-Corporation

In order to form a C-Corporation, you have to fulfill certain legal requirements. From attaining an EIN (Employer Identification Number) to creating a viable business plan, you have your hands full. As you advance through the process of incorporation, you may find yourself knee-deep in confusing jargon and complex requirements.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What’s in Saffron’s C-Corp Formation Package

At Saffron, we know exactly what your business must do to form a C-Corporation. Our comprehensive package includes everything you need, including:

  • EIN Registration Service: Your business’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) is a critical component for tax filing purposes. You’ll also need it to open a bank account for your business. We’ll obtain an EIN number on your behalf so you can get started.
  • Unlimited Name Availability Search: We’ll register your business name and resubmit your filing as many times as needed if your preferred name has been taken. Most importantly, we won’t charge extra fees for the effort.
  • Document Verification: We’ll look over all of your business formation documents to ensure you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s of incorporating your business.
  • Document Filing Service: Our experts will complete your business formation documents, making the process of incorporation as seamless as possible. We also provide a same-day document filing service and will complete and submit your documents to the state on the day you place your order. Note that our filers have no availability on weekends. So, if you order on a Saturday or Sunday, your business documents will be submitted first thing Monday morning.
  • Documents for allocating shares in your startup: If you plan to issue stock to founders and employees, you’ll need to file the necessary compliance documents and stock purchase agreements. When you purchase our C-Corp package, we help you fill out and file the necessary documents.

Other Premier Services in Saffron’s C-Corp Package

  • Registered Agent Service (1 year): You get our premium registered agent service for a year. As your registered agent, we receive and forward official notices like lawsuits and letters from the state. Most importantly, we provide alerts within minutes of accepting the delivery of official documents on your behalf. After 365 days of service, your registered agent service will automatically renew for $125. Plus, you can cancel this service at any time without having to call or send an email.
  • Corporate Bylaws: We provide an operating agreement (for LLCs) or bylaws (for corporations). These internal documents don’t need to be filed with any state authority. Instead, their importance rests in how they define your corporate framework and workplace culture. Many of our competitors (or attorneys) charge thousands to draft these documents. However, we include this crucial service in our package. Our operating agreements and bylaws are easy to read and understand and can be adapted to fit any company. We also offer single-member and multi-member agreements based on your LLC.
  • Corporate or Board Resolution Document Services: Generally, a board resolution document identifies the roles of your officers and documents the results of formal votes (or elections) at board meetings. Banks, investors, government agencies, and shareholders may ask for this data. So, it’s imperative that you have the required information on hand. Our premium board resolution services help you do just that when you sign up for our C-Corp package.

Our Platform is Geared Towards Entrepreneurs Who Insist on a No-Fuss, Streamlined Process

As an entrepreneur, you recognize the complexity involved in daily operations. While you’re juggling profit & loss statements, contracts, and invoices, we’ll streamline the incorporation process for you. Working with Saffron means investing in quality and success. We’ve worked with startups like yours and know exactly what you need to form a C-Corporation successfully. Most importantly, we can help you navigate the incorporation process with ease.

In addition to the above services, this package also includes access to the digital data room. The Mata digital data room offers an array of business tracking and maintenance tools to help your business thrive. We can also provide you a quick and easy template to facilitate setting up a business bank account. Simply take our fill-in-the-blank document to any bank to provide further proof of your authorization to open a bank account on your startup’s behalf.

Form a C-Corporation Without Ruining Your Work/Life Balance

As a business owner, you wear many hats. You need expert knowledge about your products and services. And, you also need to excel in customer service and workplace culture development. If you’re looking to incorporate, we can help you navigate the legal ramifications of owning a C-Corporation.

Specifically, we’ll walk you through the filing process and keep you informed about every aspect of the incorporation process. Besides filling out and filing your documents with the state, we’ll also show you how to leverage the tax considerations of incorporation.

We also explain the importance of opening a business-specific bank account to keep track of your assets.

Saffron Goes Above and Beyond to Support YOU

In addition to assisting with incorporation, Saffron is also happy to provide a suite of other services. Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Whether you need LLC business formation services, startup concierge services, or annual report compliance assistance, we’re here to help.

Our highly-trained customer service team offers unlimited real-time support. If you have questions or concerns about the C-Corporation filing process, you can rest assured that your question will be answered by an expert in the field.

For more information about our revolutionary C-Corporation Start-Up Package, contact us. Need funding for your startup? Mata is here to help!

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